Monique Chapman PhD
Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant

Wise Mind is a must read for parents and others working with today’s youth.


Wise Mind provides thought provoking information to assist with the healing of young lives today. Tito Lange Jr. explores how the mind develops with the


Mind + Decision =Behavior




He delves into the “why” of disrespectful thinking occurs and offers spiritual lessons to reverse the avalanche of negative thinking.


He goes on further to address addictions and how they are derived from frustrations of the mind. Sound advice and wisdom is shared to quell the issue of self-disrespect which leads to the disrespect of others. Real life connecting is emphasized throughout the book.  Don’t just send youth out to experience something… experience life with them. 


Make the conscious shift from letting today’s youth discover information on their own and create experiential circumstances where everyone learns and moves forward. It is never too late to improve upon our individual and collective M+D=B. The assumption is that once a child reached the age of majority they are capable to flourish within the constructs of society.  As we know from today’s headlines the non-acceptance is prevalent today.


We see is whenever we turn on the news on TV. Lange Jr. teaches the principles of acceptance and love to shift the darkness in today’s world.

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