• Jansenius Tito Lange Jr.

Renewal of the Mind

"Renewal of the Mind is an educational solution designed specifically to guide and guard the mind, throughout its journey of reinventing its own self…”

Physically surviving a bad experience, does not means that the mind is done with the nightmare. What this really mean is this; now is the urgent time for the person who went through the experiences, to begin the process of freeing his or her mind from harmful knowledge. WHY…? So it does not continue repeating the symptom over and over again, by error... Unfortunately, this has been the case for too many individuals, because they are not yet educated to the only wisdom that is known to do just that for them – And until then, they will continue being hurt, at each time their Minds revisit the misfortune...

When the mind continues to reviewing hurtful moments, it is also bullying itself as well - and this has been the cause for almost all addictions, the process that gets started.

Hurt produces Pain. The person who is experiencing pain, is vulnerable to do and consume anything that can ease the suffering. Prescribed Pain Killers, Alcohol, Sex, Food or street drugs. To add this is: the mind which is being bullied, will bully other fellow human beings, as well, period. - Not because a person is mean spirited, but because they are in great pain. Did you now that, most individuals whose minds are bullying them, are not even aware of that fact…?

I create, cultivate and teach “The Renewal of the Mind Universal Wisdom and Education” to bring about that solutions to most human sufferance’s. Minds do not aged, because of its Energy Status. The conditions of the mind does and can happen to humans of all ages. Because these are universal wisdom and education, teenagers should attend the classes as well…

“Any Mind can reinvent itself successfully. Why…? Because that is also one of its energy ability nature. The desire to do so effectively, relies on the personal responsibility of a person to choose the way of the renewal of the mind universal wisdom and education…”

Jansenius T. Lange Jr.

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