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Bullying the Solutions

“Throughout my 30 yrs of patience in cultivating, testing, teaching and creating educational solutions to stop and prevent Self-addictions, Bullying, Suicide practices and most dysfunctional conditions of the Mind; I have concluded that, best approach to end this epidemic, is one of wise mind development wisdom education- And less talk about the problems…”

From a wise mind universal wisdom understanding approach to this crisis, I reason – Only educational solutions can bring an end to this urgent human need. Such conditions of the mind, is one to be approached from two different angles, simultaneously. The bullies and their victims… We need to know, understand and clearly define what is bullying practices - How it can and does affect the lives of its victims… It is important to maintain awareness on the damages done that can easily go far, beyond the nightmare moment of the experiences… Those would not only drive a person into commit suicide, but for many victims, it crippled their mind for life.

1. What is a bully…?

A bully is person of any age, whose mind is being bullied.

2. What is bullying…?

Bullying is taking one’s own frustrations, on someone else, through force, fear, intimidation, insults, pain and even death.

3. What is a bully victim…?

Those are the innocent human beings, targeted by bullies, because they appeared not to be the ones that will fight back.

In most cases, the bullies are not even aware of the dysfunctional conditions of their own minds. They claimed that, their behaviors make them feel powerful. However, fact from lack in self-development wisdom behavior have proven this notion to be mind created illusion, to cover up their own lack in self-respect cultivation and practices. This human phenomenon is examples of children that grew up within a community, in which human leadership is grossly over looked. It takes such leaders to make educational decision on the behalf of human being of all ages...

“No one person should have reached his or her thirteen year of age, without basic wisdom understand of the mind… Why…? Every child was born with a mind, which process thoughts and make all decisions for them…”

Little that the victims would know then, is the flashback of this unfortunate experience, which can resurface in their minds, in the future time – This occurrence will bully them over and every time. How for them to prevent and stop the repetition…? Through the renewal of the mind universal wisdom cultivation…

“Mind can be reinvented as many times as desired…”

Our conscious is one of the three components that form the entity of the mind. It is its nature to record every experience encountered during a person’s journey on earth, since birth. That information are there and never will be erased. Another one of its functions also is playing those information over and over, even when we are not aware of the fact. How do we go about making certain recording to stop affecting our emotions; is by reinventing our minds. This change will automatically cause those knowledge to no longer have any impact on any one of our energies anymore – And even when we willfully choose to revisit them. The next question is: how does a mind reinvent itself…? By exposing it to wanted wisdom education.

Practice the habit of reading in – Meditate on universal wisdom education of the mind. WHY universal wisdom of the mind…? Because each person’s mind is unique and will better understand wisdom, when connect with the energy of a knowledge through its own uniqueness…

In the case of verbal abuse, the wisdom that can and will protect the mind are: clear knowledge of who we are and a vision of our own…

In testing the “Universal Relativity theory of the Mind” which I discovered and use to create universal wisdom educations to correct their minds dysfunctional conditions – I got to consult with 1000’s of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Witnessing them successfully grow above and beyond their own mind’s behavior struggles, one by one, have been priceless pleasure I am grateful for.

Mind is there to create for us, energy which we need to acquire, during our journey on earth – However, without the wisdom of its “energy entity”, its work is limited to only the human level. Renewal of the mind, is work that can only be done above the human limitation…

“Punishment do not change human mentality practices. Education does…”

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