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Reasoning with a close friend of mine, Mrs. Desire Hill, on this recent shooting massacre which took place in the Plantation community in Florida, I concluded that, this is a time to bring to clarity the values and need for Wisdom of the MIND Education, to all Americans: present and future…

His action slayed more than those innocents who are now dead. He also destroyed the energies of trust for the country’s stands on education and protection for all Americans, including teenagers…

“I am so moved for all parents who are victims of this tragedy; including the teenager who caused it to happen. Please accept my condolences…”

Because this is a national misfortune, we ought to address it from a collective approach. No one knows how many times he has been ridiculed by his fellow schoolmates including teachers as well, because of his mental challenges, and or other possible physical limitations. This is one fundamental reason why we could and still can begin raising American children with straightforward discipline and manners of Respect universal wisdom rooted within them, as children. – And to master the: Knowledge, Principles, Understanding, Disciplines, Manners and Virtues of the universal wisdom of the mind, during their teenager years. By nineteen years of age, all Americans should know everything about wisdom of the mind… We need to understand individually as well as collectively that, each mind connects with words and gestures differently and is unique. Universal wisdom of “Word” need to be taught in all high schools and for all teenagers to master at very early part of their teenager years. (13 years old…)

Had America utilized Wise Mind Universal Wisdom Education, this travesty would not have occurred.

Through a relativity theory of the mind I discovered, cultivated, tested and taught in many parts of the world successfully; and I reason that through the renewal of the mind wisdom education, this routine practice of mass killing, bullying, suicide practices, self-addictions and most dysfunctional conditions of the mind can be eliminated…

There is no secret that, millions of mentally challenged teenagers and older Americans who by killing others, get their point across. How do we go from this outlook to building within them the character which will override this way of community existence?

My recommendation is a permanent solution:

Education in the wisdom of the mind…

Why…? Punishment do not deter dysfunctional mentality. – Only education does…

“Let us encourage them to learn how to reason, visualize and create, above human limitations. - Confidently and routinely look within themselves, on their own, so they too can discover for themselves, who they are, to embrace their own energies and starting to build on what they already have…” (I have been creating, cultivating and teaching such education professionally and with great success, all throughout my life. – And can do so for the entire nation and any nation on earth. Minds are not prejudiced to race, color, religion, wealthy or poor, until someone teaches them to reason this way…)

It is a fact that, the human being is one of the most perfect creations of Love, Life and Nature united. However, without wisdom of the mind, no person can discover and cultivate theirs. – And that is where all the difficulties in self-development for the human-being starts from. Why…? Mind makes all decisions, period… Those decisions are always influenced by the wisdom to which a mind have been exposed. Let’s teach them about the renewal of the mind knowledge, and how to be present in their lives, to aid them in comprehending circumstance or distinguishing reality from fiction…

Where Are We as one Nation…?

Exactly at the vantage point where to start building America the country, by educating all American minds, to the wisdom which they need, to enable them to build within themselves the character and integrity of the human being to be admired, honored and productive in life…

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