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From a wise mind universal wisdom understanding, I have reasoned that, victory is best to approach from a moment of thanksgiving, in order to best appreciate its unique energies…

When achieved a goal, the mind would get so much more from the success, should it first take in considerations, the efforts of all the other energies which contributed to that very same realization… “We are energies, performing the one task of experiencing this physical journey on earth, in the physical form…”

Our body is made of energy sensors. - Our mind is a spiritual-energy, which functions as receiver and transmitter of information from the earth through the brain, and to the being, which creates it. Because it too was crafted to the uniqueness of a being, this gives the mind the same spiritual abilities and capabilities as the being have, to create its own human version of energies. It is for that reason why, for every effort made by a human-being do involve the contributions of many different energies, and at different capacities…

By displaying gratitude to every participants into the success, this also acknowledge to each of them that their supports was welcome, needed and very well appreciated. This does not stay only there. – Such gesture speaks so much louder about the strengths of your leadership, belief and faith-energies for them. It also goes as far as nurturing those energies’ individual confidence-energies, for the fact that their presence within you and in your midst are valued and treasured. This boost their morality purposes for being alive within you. (Even at the human level, no one person like to be used, abused or taking advantage of. – So, why not reason this way as well, to be the same for our energies…)

I strongly believe that, one probable reason for which there are individuals whom one would innocently say that is great accomplisher in many ways. - And while privately, that very person is chronically depressed. One of the strongest reason for such goal achiever person to be beaten down by depression, may well be that, his or her energies are not recognized enough. – Theirs are being used mercilessly to execute significant tasks successfully, and completely ignored afterwards… This goes even for some of those who went all out in such of fame and fortune as well... – They abandon so much of what makes them who they are, including their own life-energies just to get there, and when gets there, they do not have a life-energies to enjoy the fortune with. This is only among some of the few that makes it. “No one person can justly enjoy a celebration of a victory without honoring all energies which helped him or her for the achievement, period…”

It is also important for us to be reminded that, each energy do have its own mind. – Though exist to serve the “Self” which forms the majesty of each individual person, as individual members of the Union. Did you know that, no one person can exist even for ½ second without hope-energies…? (Hope is the human-energies which must first be created before rational about entering any journey. It is those energies that pick morality-energies up, when your character integrity is being attacked along the journey in achieving goal. Hope-energies will remind you of the reward awaiting you after you are pronounced victor, so you do not give-up, because it rained on your parade day once or twice. How could you be forgotten those, courage, belief, faith, patience, humility, appreciation and so many more energies to privately honor for well-done job. Of course you can and easily would, should your first priority after reaching the finish line is; how much drugs or alcohol you are going to consume that day and into the night… Those facts are not being written here to over caution your mind into fear, but only to encourage your mind to always make the time to also reason beyond just achieving a goal. Make sure that you do not lose pleasures that nothing can replace for you, just to have a quick moment of laughter…)

The cardinal reason why I know that every child should be raised with universal wisdom of the mind’s disciplines and manners rooted within their cores, it is so that, when reach teenager years, they can best be ready to grasp and understand the principles, understanding, knowledge and virtues and the wisdom disciplines and manners they were being taught. - And during their toddler years, is time to start building within them characters of the teenagers which they like to be recognized by… It is during their teenager years, they ought to be molded for their young adulthood year’s journey and the time for them to be exposed to knowledge of spiritual and human ‘energy wisdom’. – Failure to pursuing their own self-development wisdom education, will cause them to go through life with only academic knowledge and never to be self-cultivated individual human-beings… “Raising the person to become free and complete human being, when reach adulthood, begins at birth…” This is wise mind universal wisdom education I create to prevent and stop self-addictions, bullying, suicide practices and most dysfunctional conditions of the mind.

“WE” achieve victories all day long and every day that we are physically alive… Waking up from sleep means that, a person have just went through the stage of unawareness to becoming mindful again. So, only for this single reason, the mind should be encouraged into the practice of always be grateful, whether quietly and or vocally about that, through gratitude-energies displays…

When cultivate the practice of honoring every one of your own human-energies routinely and for specific reason, this encourage them to always be part of the next project and goal which are intended to be achieved on the high note…

Jansenius Tito Lange/

@papacito1955 TITO Lange Jr.

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