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From a universal relativity theory of the mind approach, I discovered that, cultivating and teaching, any wisdom knowledge regarding the ‘mind’, (which cannot be seen through the naked eyes), is energy project undertake. - And optimism is one of them…

Each one of those have its own unique wisdom: knowledge, principles, understandings, disciplines, manners and virtues. Created by the ‘mind’, through the constant cultivation of its wisdom, any mind that is inspired and stimulated to explore the virtues of optimism, can successfully accomplish this goal…

First: it needs to be exposed to the teaching of such wisdom, from its universal methodology…

Second: It also need constant encouragements supports along the journey, to follow through, in learning the education in its entirety.

Being the cardinal language through which all energies communicate, is “Honesty”, those need to be strong and consistent within us… They do inclined all decision making process. - Mind will always be guided by those very same energies which it creates. - And influenced by the wisdom of honesty, before entering such journey… Why…? The mind will need to listen to understand messages from its own self-created optimism-energies… When not yet reached its energy maturities, optimism can be easily overpowered by forces of deceptive attacks, launch from jealous hearts, in the form of fake assistance… - or by a fool, showing off his or her knowledge about its ignorance in the subject…

All minds can be invented and reinvented. - Inclined and rehabilitated, through the renewal of the mind wisdom education... However, it must be exposed to such wisdom, to guide and guard its decision making process, along the way.

(The universal relativity theory of the mind, is wisdom education, enterprises to educate the mind to its own ‘energy’ existence, purposes, abilities and capabilities. It is in the light of such understandings it can become talented to Reason, Vision, Create, see, Hear and understand through each ‘energy’ which it creates in love. With love and through love… Those can only be realized above the human level…)

“Optimism is not a one size fit all energies. Each mind to cultivate its own, and for each and every cause it provision…”

By: Jansenius T. Lange Jr. - 10/25/2017


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