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Bullying the Solution # 2 - Understand Your Own Addiction

Stop Bullying

“Through a universal relativity theory of the mind, wisdom I discovered, cultivate and teach; I reason that: addiction is an out of control habit practice…”

Such condition of the mind, may have everything to do with impulse it develops, to satisfy instant gratification for the brain… The brain is transmitter and receiver of information to the mind. Whenever it conveys an interest to the mind, they immediately begin forming union in support of the desire… (Desire is energy…)

Such condition too can be corrected… How…? By taming a mind to closely observe this behavior, identify its presence and denounce its demand…

There are impulses of the brain as well as impulse of the mind...- Each of those ought to be kept in check, before they begin bullying each other. It is usually when reaching this nagging point of a force, frustrations of the mind occurs

“Frustrated mind cannot reason properly, because it is being forced to act on the demand imposed on it…”

This condition can and will be corrected, should a min is taught to create long term goal and commitment and a plan to achieve them…

Vision is ‘energy’. - And have its own unique knowledge, understanding, principles, disciplines, manners, virtues and wisdom… Minds that are not activated at the ‘being level’, cannot create or nurture vision of their own. – Why…? This is to be done through meditation...

All human addictions are limited only to the physical pleasure, though can quickly develop to affect performance of the mind... Because the mind can re-invent itself, it can also overcome dependencies… However, this will require self-development wisdom education, to guide its decision making process along the way… All minds need encouragement to cultivate those disciplines to a routine... (Minds are not supposed to be forced into learning or cultivating any form of education… Why…? Then it will lose its freedom of choice. – And that is bullying…

Renewal of the mind, is universal wisdom education designed to inspire specific changes in approaching challenges. For many, those are new habits picked-up along the way, when mastering old routines… This too can be overcome by the strengths of determination to succeed.

“Wise mind wisdom education is created to educate the minds to universal wisdom of the mind. Without such, many would have no alternative, but to drift away from its union-energies with the ‘Being’ and ‘Core’…”


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