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Theory of Wise Mind (Part 10)


A mind that is not influenced by a specific wisdom cannot make wise decisions on issues and matters related to that very same wisdom. It is not enough to know of these teachings; the key for each person is to select the appropriate ones to cultivate a wise mind in each circumstance. Wisdom is a guideline for the mind when processing reasons to support any precise and final decision as well as for when contemplating possibilities.

Minds that are not yet educated to spiritual wisdom understandings (--and by this I am not implying or advocating any particular religious approach,) cannot make wise self, moral, social, spiritual, humane, educational, collective, loyal, business or familial final decisions that reflect absolute respect and appreciation for fellow human beings.

The collective strength of any family, community, or nation is only as resilient as each member of that group. Based on this, our pattern of raising human beings without the most spiritual and human wisdom possible firmly established within their minds is a mistake too costly for the sake of all mankind. Too many developing minds are presently infected by this mentality, but are too shameful (or unknowing) to choose to rectify the mistake.

Since mankind first realized the forceful effect of pain on another human being, the majority has never risen above that mentality and still pass down a legacy of barbaric practice from one generation to another. This is why, thousands of years hence, we are still confronting a domesticated form of brutal mentality in the phenomenon of bullying.

Bullying is the result of minds that have not yet become activated above the human level. This is why the key to reverse this outlook is to educate all people in wisdom understanding. Punishment does not, and cannot, do more than temporarily detour barbaric mentality practices in humans, only self-development wisdom can permanently reroute the mind. Why not begin?

Bullying fellow human beings should never have become a way to create excitement – or unity -- for any individual, group, or nation. Who are the minds raising today’s human beings? Who are the teachers and leaders making educational decisions for children of these communities and nations? The answers to these questions will to be observed through actions taken from this day forward.

It is not “you” or “me”, but instead “we” who are responsible not only to begin the renewal process of minds that are here today, but also to establish wise mind education as a priceless gift to each child born into our world from now on. Can we accomplish this life-changing turnaround for all mankind? Yes, easily, and in relatively no time at all.

Let us get to work to stop the collective degradation of human character practiced by adolescents and adults who choose to commit suicide over sharing living with “us” -- meaning ‘”you” and “me”.

Teenage and adult minds that resort to suicide should not automatically be regarded as weak or unstable. They also can be considered from the possibility of a “human-disgusted” mind, meaning that they may not necessarily have given up on life at all. Perhaps they choose instead to exit from this defective pattern of human living existence we all are in which has no sign of lightening up in sight.

The results of past collective decisions clearly show that we had no intention or expectation of raising our children as free, respected, and complete human beings. If that were the case, juvenile courts and juvenile prisons would neither be in existence nor so prevalent today.

Minds that are only stimulated and activated restrictively at the human level are trained to respond only to mundane knowledge: money, sex, and physical pleasures. When overwhelmed by human challenges, deceptions, tragedies and adversities, they have nowhere else to go, --so they kill themselves.

The ‘human’ component of who we are represents only a fraction of a percent of our overall capabilities. Our ‘being’ is spiritual energies, which is the component that produces all energies to create the mind that we need for this physical journey on earth. Our ‘being’ is spiritual. Why not educate our children’s minds to its wisdom; do we not trust human beings with the knowledge of who they are? I ask, because not too long ago much of mankind did not believe that women could make wise decisions on their own, or that dark skin-colored human beings were individual persons.

Minds that are not influenced by their “being” energy’s wisdom cannot make wise decisions on behalf of any person. It takes wise leaders to raise and lead human beings of all ages. Those leaders will stand out from the ones that we have today and will be the kind to have forever.

Children need to be raised as human beings, not as domesticated human life forms; “human being” means free and complete individuals. We, as adults, are supposed to be encouraging them to realize their full creative potential here on earth. This is our collective responsibility and needs the active support of everyone to begin to build this dream into a reality we can have and enjoy forever.

For more information, please take a moment to read: “Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind

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