• Jansenius T. Lange Jr.

Theory of Wise Mind (Part 9)


A mind unguided and unguarded by the Wisdom of Honesty cannot enjoy peace, and so it is too for the heart that does not harbor its energies. This is the main contributory factor that allows anxiety, fear and depression to take hold.

As powerful, healthy and priceless a lifestyle of honesty is, it is also the simplest personal form of wisdom any person can master, with the following guidelines:

  • When you do not know something, be silent about it.

  • When you are not sure about something, remain silent about it.

  • When you would like to know something, endure silence so you can learn about it.

  • When you did not witness something, tolerate silence about it.

Honesty is your energy-messenger. It receives and delivers all messages for you, at both spiritual and human levels. The cardinal language through which Love and all spiritual energies communicate is honesty. This means, the gravest mistake many parents and community educational leaders can make is to raise our children to teenage years without the wisdom of honesty rooted within them.

Such education is best to offer at childhood development. Then, if practiced by choice, children will grow up enjoying their own practice of honoring those energies as a lifestyle to cultivate into personal character within them as well. It is for this reason that honesty-wisdom education is so urgently imperative to be offered globally to all minds.

Age has nothing to do with the fine-tuning of a mind. This is to continuously be done all throughout each person’s life span. Why? Character needs to be consistent in integrity.

It is clear that most of today’s adults were deprived of such lifestyle education as children. Otherwise, they would have passed it on to their young ones. Parents naturally love their children, and want for them all to succeed. So if this has not yet been developed for our current young generation, then they must not have known how to approach it in the past. Now we all know about honesty, but what are we collectively going to do about it?

We can (and should) make this developmental evolutional correction. Let us unite our efforts in the vision to shape tomorrow’s world, through Wise Mind wisdom education provided to every child and adult of all generations. We can begin creating a world that is free from bullying, deception, and suicide practices by reinventing our present teenage, young adult, and mature adult minds. How? --Through the recalibration of our minds’ “old mentality” practices.

‘Mind’ can be invented and reinvented, adjusted and readjusted many times over during the course of a person’s lifetime, as long as it is encouraged and desires to do so. We no longer need to have a bullying and suicide behavior problem among ourselves. Why can I say this? Because we now have the solution in our hands, it is Wise Mind Development Wisdom Education.

This reality is one of vision. We all are respective members of the same world community, and deceptive-minded attitudes and behaviors routinely practiced around us are major distractions to everyone’s peace. So why not make mind-renewal education readily available to every member of our communities?

It is self-diminishing and self-defeating to expect mentality techniques to trick the brain into reacting as though at peace through prescription drugs only. Techniques and tricks are force, and disturbing to peace-energies. We cannot use them effectively against the heart and mind, (which are energies,) and expect results other than rejection, depression and suicide among human beings. Energies are characteristics of Love and Life, and highly allergic to deception. The wisdom of honesty’s energy can and does offer the priceless freedom of true peace to the heart and mind, which are crucial for the balance of energies in every area of their existence.

One reason why we find the presence of deceptive minds in all areas of our society today is because those minds have not yet been exposed to the core understanding of honesty. They are not connected with the understanding that lies can give the body immediate relief and gratification, but only honesty offers long term peace.

A characteristic of Love and Life’s spiritual-energies, ‘honesty’ is powerful enough on its own to establish peace in the heart and mind of each human being.

For more information, please take a moment to read: “Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind”

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