• Jansenius T. Lange, Jr.

Theory of Wise Mind (Part 8)


One reason to encourage young persons to choose to educate their own minds to belief and faith-energy’s wisdom is to protect theirs from the raging of fear.

No one was born with fear within him or herself. How it gets in must be through the mind. One possibility is if we frequently anticipate bad things to happen for too long in our own or others’ lives, then our mind will naturally create beliefs for that idea. Because belief is also energy and energies continuously expand, so too it is for any idea. Once mature enough, that expectation will transform into fear. The longer a fear is lodged in a mind that harbors it, the stronger it gets -- to the point of controlling that mind.

Both bullies and their victims are fearful individuals. Self-inferiority is the belief that overcomes the bully’s mind; believing the worst will happen to them stuns their victim’s mind.

Educating children from an early age regarding mind–energy’s wisdom and understandings will armor their minds from being overtaken by self-destructive thoughts. How can they best make the distinction between constructive and destructive thoughts and ideas? Through self-development wisdom we educate them in. “Wise Mind” educates them to the knowledge, principles, understandings, disciplines, manners, virtues, and wisdom of their own minds. Self-development wisdom education teaches young minds the wisdom understandings of who they are, within themselves. The only power that can neutralize the force of fear within a mind is that mind’s belief in its own powerful energies’ strengths.

How a young mind (or any mind) is to correct itself or overcome its own self-created fear is through reversing the process of creating each one of them, by challenging the fear and beginning to face it from a different approach -- from that of love and life this time around. Once reconciled with the realization that a mistake was made in giving strength to and believing in the fearful thought or belief, a stronger faith is built for the new approach to the idea that once scared it in the past. Faith is energy that contributes towards unwanted circumstances in a person’s life to change. Hope is the ally energy and path that causes that change.

When a mind is paralyzed by fear, its belief and faith-energies are also weakened substantially. This is the primary reason why young minds usually surrender and resort to suicidal thoughts when habitually overpowered by fear.

For more information, please take a moment to read: “Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind”

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