• Jansenius T. Lange, Jr.

Theory of Wise Mind (Part 7)


From a human-energy approach, bullying is a potentially life-threatening assault on another being because of the consequences that it often causes to the victim.

What is depression? Depression is mind-energy’s succumbing to an overwhelming load of discouraging attacks. This happens to all of us from time to time, however for young people this can literally mean life or death because their minds are not yet humanly and spiritually experienced and matured to consider alternate possibilities or approaches.

When a mind reaches its breaking point under the weight of accumulated criticisms, deceptions, sarcasms, slights, hurts, humiliations, disappointments, pains, and other forms of human abuse, this will cause it to crash much more easily.

Depression is not typically a human genetic dysfunction, more commonly it is a dysfunction of the mind, which builds slowly. A mind ought to always be alert, reminding itself about who it is. This is why beginning wise mind-development of each family member at the earliest stage of his or her life is recommended.

I approach depression of the mind from spiritual and human-energy’s wisdom. This is because the mind is the energy instructor of the brain. Influenced by wisdom, it indicates to the brain each action to take, in all situations. The brain executes these orders, as they come. There needs to be a strong, positive, resourceful, and encouraging energy connection between them. And yes, doubts exist to protect and inform the mind when venturing into new explorations of life’s journey. Doubt is energy too.

Brains function through electrical current. This current enables the brain to communicate with the mind and vice-versa. It is the center for all communication with the physical body parts and organs. The body is made of energy sensors that collect information through smell, touch, sight, sound, taste, and “feelings”, or instinctive impressions, and then transmit them to the mind, which then analyzes the information received and makes final decisions.

Depression of a mind usually begins from discouragement and affects the entire physical body and existence of a person. How does depression get into a person’s mind? --Through the thoughts which it habitually processes and ultimately takes on as it’s own.

For more information, please take a moment to read: “Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind”

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