• Jansenius T. Lange Jr.

Theory of Wise Mind (Part 5)


Discouragement is the deflation of hope-energy.

When a young and inexperienced mind is discouraged, it means that its hope’s ‘energy pressure’ is low. If not immediately replenished through encouragement and support, this mind will fall into depression. What usually causes hope-energies within a teenager to drain out is rejection.

‘Community rehearsal’ bullying amongst young people is the practice of creating situations through which enough humiliation is knowingly inflicted on selected peers in order to cause the victims to become deeply discouraged. When the victim’s maximum level of resistance to what they are able to handle is reached, too often their minds fall into depression and result in suicide.

When teenagers are being humiliated through bullying and forced to handle more than they can, those teenagers can and often do interpret those assaults with the following reasons for their struggles:

a) They are doing all these bad things to me, maybe, because I really am no good and by allowing that thought to take hold in their mind, they surely will suffer from inferiority complexes.

b) I do not belong in my family group, this school, or this neighborhood. This usually is the kind of belief that, should a juvenile’s mind nurture it for long enough, will cause many of them to drop out of school or run away from home.

c) Because my parents do not have as much as others do, maybe I don’t have in me what is available to other kids. Adolescents need an explanation, in clear language, why they have within them all they need to succeed in their own journeys: their minds.

d) Maybe God does not love me. Teenagers need to understand the importance of the words that they choose to use for expressing their sentiments, especially when in times of confusion.

Each word that they use to convey something is also heard by their own mind. Should their minds come to believe in their chosen words, then there is major effort and mind-renewal to be done in order to reverse the positions their hearts have taken.

For more information, please take a moment to read: “Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind”

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