• Jansenius T. Lange, Jr.

Theory of Wise Mind (Part 4)

What is bullying?

Bullying is forcing one’s own beliefs onto someone else’s life-existence through force, fear, hurt, pain, humiliation, intimidation, lies, and even death.

The wisdom that is the stronger in the mind is the one that influence its decision the most. Mind is energy. So too are wisdoms, inspirations, words, thoughts and decisions, but unless educated to their understanding, the mind will continue to practice only its ordinary mentality.

The 2.5 million suicide cases that occur on average per year among teenagers in our communities are evidence that the wisdom of ‘respect’ is unknown to their minds. We ought to change that.

Mind works best when Free and at Peace. Respect is the energy that draws the mind’s freedom to its perimeter limits.

The creation journey of a bully-free collective world is not what we now have on Earth today. Why?

The majority of today’s young people were not raised as they could have been. Children ought to be raised as free and complete human beings; this means, with the character wisdom knowledge of who they are rooted within them. This educational process ought to begin at the earliest development stage of each person’s life.

Because the mind can be renewed, today’s teenagers have full opportunity to build and renew their minds, to become complete and free individuals.

To separate their ‘Self’ from this world, while still physically living in it, they need to build their own world: a bully-free world that no naked eyes can see or human hands can touch. How to do this? With the energy abilities and capabilities of their own minds.

Young peoples are also spiritual Beings. All they truly need is the wisdom education to guide their minds’ decision-making process throughout the journey. Their minds were given to them for when they need to create changes and additional energies; then they can create their own. All they need to begin their own new life is wisdom.

The Mind is Energies. Self-transformation, character and self-development wisdom, are the educational blue print which I create and teach for the cultivation and the renewal of the mind. We hope that the wisdom shared throughout my books will help them to connect with the understanding of who they are and also who they can built within themselves, from inside and outside, from this day forward.

If you want to live free from this bully world, create your own Freedom.

I am looking forward to communicate to all children, teenagers and adults, through education, the fact that they are Love --and always have been and always will be.

I would like for them to know that for every situation they might encounter in life, there is a solution and a course to take. I want for them also to understand that there are temporary solutions, as well as permanent solutions. They need to understand that any issue in their lives that cannot be resolved at their human level, can and will have a spiritual answer waiting.

Young people only need to reinvent their minds. How? By exposing it to universal wisdom to guide and guard their decision-making process towards the right path. With those facts clear and understood, our children should be looking forward to a great journey on Earth.

For more information, please take a moment to read: “Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind”

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