• Jansenius T. Lange, Jr.

Theory of Wise Mind (Part 2)

The Bully Blue Print

How to create a world where bullies cannot exist?

Bullying is forcing one’s own beliefs onto someone else’s life and existence through force, fear, hurt, pain, humiliation, intimidation, lies, and even death.

Humbly, it is a pleasure and great honor afforded to me to communicate to all children, teenagers, and adults the fact that they are loved, always have been, and always will be. Subsequently, for every situation we may encounter in life there is a wise solution and course of action to take.

Understandably, that there is a temporary solution as well as a permanent solution. It is paramount to understand that any issue in our lives that cannot be resolved at a human level can and will have a spiritual answer waiting. The need to expose and educate our minds to this wisdom in order to guide and guard our mind’s decision-making process is crucial. With those facts clearly understood we should be looking forward to a great journey on earth.

The creation journey of a bully-free collective world is not what we now have on earth. Why? --Because the majority of yesterday’s children were not raised as human beings. Children need to be disciplined as free and complete beings, which means with the character wisdom and knowledge of who they are rooted within them. This process ought to begin at the earliest stage of development of each person’s life.

Fortunately, because the mind can be renewed, yesterday’s children have full opportunity to re-build their minds today as ones of complete and free individual persons. To separate their ‘Self’ from this world, while still physically living in it, they need to build their own world…”a bully-free world that no naked eyes can see or human hands can touch…” How to do this? They do this with the energy abilities and capabilities of their own minds. Young people are also spiritual Beings. Truly, all that is needed is the wisdom education to guide their minds’ decision-making process.

The Mind is Energies.

Self-transformation and development wisdom is an educational blue print for the cultivation and the renewal of the mind. This mind was given to us for when we need changes and additional energies, then we can create our own. All young people need to begin their own new life is wisdom.

We hope that Wise Mind wisdom education shared with them will not only help them to connect with the understandings of who they are, but also what they build within themselves as well, from the inside and outside from this day forward.

If you want to be free from this bully world, then create your own freedom.

The theory of philosophy and wisdom education on which this educational guidance is produced is one that is based on the fact that there are two forms of existence available to all human-beings on earth today: first, is this physical world in which we live, second is the one that each of us is to create for our own personal use.

This physical world is what it is, and that is all there is to it. The world young people can create now is the one that ought to matter the most for them; the place and work to bring to life such a world is in their minds.

Whenever dealing with the mind, there is spiritual substance that requires a “mind” that is spiritually activated and cultivated. It will only be then that a mind can conceive energies of its own; those are the only minds that can ‘reason’, ‘vision’ and ‘create’.

Bullies are people whose minds cannot yet create a vision of their own. Why? It has been discovered that those minds are neither spiritually activated nor connected. Should theirs have had clear destinations, they would have been busy creating paths to lead them to those destinations.

A mind with a vision honors its treasure. Vision is precious to the mind that creates its existence. Unless the mind has its own experience with creating something of value for its master, it cannot appreciate its own energy. Vision is Energies.

This is why we have bullies in this physical world. Children should not have grown up to their teenage years without a clear understanding of who they are from their spiritual origin. Why? Unless they do, their minds will be confined only to this physical world and produce simply at the human level. This is from where all the amalgam of this bullying and suicide practices world springs. As discovered, groups of young human beings have not been led by leaders of human beings. (Having a person in the leadership role of a community does not endow this individual with human being leadership wisdom . . . until they have this wisdom, they cannot make decisions that are kind to all humankind.)

When leaving out the ‘being’ element in the development of the human being, what you have left is a domesticated human life form. This is why a physical world where bullies cannot exist ought to be created in the mind of self-developed and cultivated human beings.

The 2.5 million young peoples who have been committing suicide every year in the United States alone did not know their minds too could have created their own world that is free from bullies.

For more information, please take a moment to read: “Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind”

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