• Jansenius T. Lange, Jr.

Theory of Wise Mind (Part 1)

The Mind

Our “mind” is energies.

It has three components that form one entity: Consciousness, Conscience, and Doubt. They do the work they were designed to do, at both the human and the spiritual levels.

In other words, for the mind to perform at our spiritual level, it first must be spiritually stimulated. Why? Unless stimulated, it will not become spiritually activated. Failing to do so, it will not connect with its original source. The mind that is not spiritually enlightened, cannot see, hear, travel, or understand in the spirit world. In other words, ‘reasoning’, ‘visioning’, or ‘creating’ are beyond the physical level.

The function of ‘consciousness’ is its energy capabilities to record and play all information it ever experienced during its physical journey.

Conscience is the mind’s judge and counsel; as such, it is also the activator of remorse within us.

Doubt is the mind’s private messenger --its little brother. It talks about any and every issue that comes up from the way it sees it. It reports anything and everything it knows on any and all matters; so the mind can make the best final decision by wisdom. How? --By having conflicted messages.

Through our naked eyes, ears, hands, skin and mouth, our mind sees, hears, smells, feels and films everything our body has been exposed to since our birth. All related knowledge is stored in the conscious--the human vault. It plays such gens continuously; therefore, whether listening to the data at any moment or not does not matter. The conscious will always do what it is there to do.

Our body is made of energy-sensors. This is the fact that supports my preference in using the word “listening” instead of “thinking.”

When the mind fails to listen, we end up taking chances instead of risks. Because it is energies, it can see the past, present, and the future at any one moment.

Our mind has no need to think. So what is thinking? Thinking is the action of the mind listening to its conscious energies attentively. Some of us are able to listen while speaking. Our conscious can record and play statistics all at the same time as well.

However, such skill has to be cultivated through the practice of its unique wisdom. When listening to our conscious, that information comes to us through our minds, which in turn filters them through the strongest wisdom which guides and guards its decision making process.

This is why adolescents’ minds need to be educated in Wise Mind-Development Wisdom such as I have the knowledge and experience to create for them. Adolescents’ actions are fully influenced by the wisdom that they know and believe, understood or not.

For example, young people’s minds that have been subjected to violence as a way to resolve conflict will take ferocious action first whenever faced with a challenge. On the other hand, minds that are educated in cultivating ‘Humility-Energy’s Wisdom’, when met with the challenges, adversities, or tragedies of this world, will use such wisdom principles to diffuse the tension.

Consider if you will, that every child of our community was not raised with spiritual and human-energy’s wisdom, discipline, and manners rooted within them before reaching their adolescent years. Should such wisdom not have been available to them then we adults need to encourage that now while they are still young. This can best be done through Honor and Respect-Energies displayed through all of our approaches to them before they reach their adulthood.

With the exception of cases of brain birth defects of an adolescent, every adolescent is capable of being a smart, bright, and intelligent individual. These characteristics come with just by having a normal healthy brain organ.

Wisdom must be learned and cultivated before it can become effective in the life of all human beings.

For more information, please take a moment to read: “Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind”

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