• Jansenius T. Lange, Jr.

Universal Relativity Theory of the Mind

The Anti-Bully Blueprint: How to Create a World Where Bullies Can’t Exist

A Simple equation:

W + D = B

Wisdom + Decision = Behavior

(The Secret of the Mind)

This discovery is based on the fact that ‘Mind’ is Energies.

I discovered this relativity equation while searching for the main reason to the questions of WHY would a teenager deliberately choose to hurt a fellowman, and WHAT caused them to want to do so, knowing well the consequences of their action?

I am a modern philosopher. My vision and passion is creating wisdom education to stop bullying and suicide practices among American teenagers.

I have succeeded in finding the solution after 23 years of effort.

Now I need the collective union of everyone, because this a world-community issue and matter.

For those behaviors to change, so too must the decision-making process. Since all decisions are made by the Mind, renewing those minds is key. How? By exposing them to the self- and character-development wisdom education we create for them. This is the solution…

"I will always be a strong advocate for anti-bullying in the country."

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