Character-Development classes ‘we’ will be offering to Teenagers, through Lectures, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.

(his list will continue to grow, as time goes on.

* The Mind. (basic understandings of the mind)

* Healthcare (basic understandings of the Human body)

* Yoga through Spirituality (basic understandings)

* Wisdom. (basic understandings)

* Reason.

* Vision.

* Creation.

* Patience.

* Humility.

* Analysis.

* Society.

* Morality.

* Spirituality.

* Humanity.

* Love (Spiritual & Human version)

* Self.

* Being.

* Appreciation.

* Thankfulness.

* Admiration.

* Gratitude.

* Tragedy.

* Adversity.

* Acceptance.

* Understanding.

* Ignoring.

* Ignorance.

* Tolerance.

* Respect.

* Obedience.

* Truth.

* Honesty.

* Belief.

* Faith.

* Friendship.

* Relationship.


34 out of those 36 wisdom understandings, I taught continuously over the past 27 yrs., writing and published articles in successfully, from both a Spiritual and Human approach…

Of course, yes, for each class we offer, there will be a passionate, experienced and professional leader, elected by us, the board of directors, to assume the responsibility. This person, will also be offered by us, all encouragements and man power possible, to provide such education to teenagers at highest of integrity. Consistency is a must…

As always, I like to ask you to feel free to voice your opinions, make suggestions, ask questions, convey concerns and offer your recommendation.

“---Union is Power…”

Jansenius T. L.


Educational Services for groups of adults and teenagers -





Private and Corporate Consultations

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