“It could be that; it is not human confidence energies that you are lacking of today within your own human inner-existence; rather than your own lacking of human trust energies and human faith energies in your own human confidence energies that is lacking…”


“There are neither bad human energies nor bad being spiritual energies. What there is; is spiritually uneducated human energies in the physical life form…”



“It appeared that majority of the world leaders today are still not yet that inclined to understand that, it is much easier for them to lead free, complete, academically educated and spiritually educated human/beings through human energies-development wisdom: than it is to lead ignorant peoples through force, pain, hurt, fear, lies, tricks, wicked techniques and intimidation…”


“Confidence is the human energies that strengthens the human belief; hope, faith, friend energies and our human mind energies in the knowledge of whom we have consciously built our respective human collective energies existence to be, in the facts that we are sure and certain about to who we are…”


“The spiritual energies that exonerated you from all charges brought unfairly against you; is justice spiritual energies through your spiritual relationship with the supreme power energies of Love…”


“The absence of Love spiritual energies presence within the human collective energies inner-existence calls for the presence of the darkness force of death to enter the human collective energies inner-existence…”


“The supreme power energies of love do use any human collective energy in the physical life form to do as It so which to get done…”


“The human collective energies that are lost within their spiritual inner-existence even for a brief moment; are usually the fellowmen who does not practice honesty…”

January 01, 2020


“The human collective energies inner-existence who is absent from the presence of the energy power of love; is also bared from the light of honesty and sincerity spiritual energies…”


“It is not only our physical and spiritual mistakes made that determine our spiritual relationship with the supreme power energies of love; rather than the willingness of a fellowmen to knowingly practice the habit of making spiritual and humane mistake that will disconnect a fellowmen from spiritual energy source: the supreme power of love…”


“One reason why the angered force of human fear energies will over powered the entire human collective energies, is that a person own spiritual-energy powered lights is; either deemed or out…”

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