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Jansensius “Tito” Lange, Jr. was born in 1955 in Port au Paix, Haiti.   The fifth of seven children; his father was one of the foremost Baptist ministers in the northwestern region of the country.  From the age of seven through his teens, Tito was deeply absorbed in studying, exploring, and understanding human and spiritual energy’s existence and universal wisdom.  At the age of thirteen, with encouragement from his father, who believed that these studies would lead Tito to follow his footsteps into religious ministries, he enrolled at Notre Dame de Lourdes, the Catholic seminary in Port-de-Paix, where, for the next nine years he focused his studies on philosophy, psychology, and sociology, along with his primarily field of interest, the wisdom of spiritual understanding. 

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Despite his upbringing and training, his calling was not to religious service.  His respectful understanding of many forms of religions was instead supportive in conveying the benefit, qualities, and importance of spiritual life style practice.  His first twenty-two years were devoted to practicing the spiritual and intellectual life style of his father and other spiritual mentors by day, and by night leading one of the top rock bands in Haiti.

He moved to New York City in 1977 and began learning English and adapting to life in the United States. By 1981, he had relocated to Maryland where he established and built a successful house painting business with numerous clients found among the nation’s lawmakers and leaders of society. Though traveled through many paths, his spiritual and human energy wisdom studies and teaching continued uninterrupted.


He was warmly welcomed as a volunteer counselor in the early 1990’s at the Wells Robertson Home, a non-profit organization that offered transit housing for individuals recovering from substance abuse.  There, he was instrumental in creating projects to expose each student to universal wisdoms to help them reinvent their minds and lives. While he volunteered at the home, the recovery success rate was 63.8%, the highest in the nation.


In 1991, he served as Marketing Director for the Gaithersburg, MD Chamber of Commerce where, in affiliation with Chamber colleagues, he initiated and helped found Character Counts, https://charactercounts.org/, an acclaimed national educational program for elementary school children that emphasizes his contribution, the “Six Pillars of Character”.   From the onset, he realized that these same children would soon become teenagers and need higher human-development wisdom education, so he broke away from the project to begin envisioning and creating a plan for self-development wisdom education for teens.

In 1993, he approached Mr. Bill Clinton, then President of the United States, whom he directed sincerely when saying that spirituality was his best reference in making decisions. Former President Clinton responded that he shared the same beliefs and principles regarding self-development education and subsequently he and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, encouraged him to share the self-development wisdom with all humanity.  Resulting from their encouragement, he has been writing about self-development wisdom as suggested universal education for world communities ever since.


He formed Self Development Wisdom Institute® in 1995 and devoted his efforts to building it as a platform from which the Self-Development, Character-Development, and Wise Mind Development educational divisions could be shared globally.  He is an Advisory Board Member at Uber United, a non-profit educational advocacy for children and teens based in Scotland, www.UberUnited.org , and Contributing Author of The Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS), based in Seattle, WA. www.InstituteSpiritualScinces.Org.edu.


Mr. Lange’s first book, “Who Are We,” published in 2005 quickly rose to number 2 ranking in Amazon’s spirituality division, with numerous television and radio interviews following. His latest e-book “Wise Mind”, specifically dedicated to solving the worldwide epidemic of teen bullying and suicides, is available from major retailers.


He maintains a consulting practice and is available for speaking engagements on educational program development and spiritual wisdom understanding through his business in Florida.





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