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 Join Tito Lange every Sunday night at 6:00 pm EST to: "Learn, understand, and cultivate universal wisdom of mind together”.  
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Our Mission:


Founded in 1995, Self-Development Wisdom Institute was created with the vision of establishing an online center for spiritual wisdom teaching as a means through which to offer universal human and spiritual wisdom schooling to all mankind.  


Throughout the past twenty years, we have managed to hold on to that dream by relentlessly advocating that all human beings ought to be well informed about the entirety of who they are, as well as of their own natural resources above the human level.


Every person has at his or her disposal infinite spiritual possessions available to them, but only if they know how to cultivate their own connection.


Our purpose is to encourage all persons, through universal self-development wisdom courses that we create, to build within themselves the character integrities of human beings entrusted with the treasure of limitless spiritual potential.

Self Development

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Phone:786-985-7229  /   Email: jtitolange@gmail.com

​Self Development Wisdom Institute 1941 W. Oakland Park Blvd.Oakland Park, FL 33311



Please know that we are most appreciative of any and all time and efforts invested in supporting Character-Development Wisdom Education for our global community.  We gratefully accept donations of equipment, facilities, services and funding to help us continue our educational mission.

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